The Galaxy Score is a combined measure of cryptocurrency indicators used to correlate and understand the overall health, quality and performance of a specific project. In short, it indicates how well a coin is doing. The Galaxy Score can also be used as a signal when a project is entering a new territory, from very bearish to very bullish.

The overall score combines the total score of the following four key performance indicators:

  1. Price Score - A score we derive from a moving average that gives the coin some indication of upward or downward trend based solely on the market value.
  2. Social Sentiment - A percentage/score of the overall bullishness or bearishness of what people are saying online
  3. Social Impact - A score of the volume/interaction/impact of social to give a sense of the size of the market or awareness of the coin
  4. Correlation Rank - The algorithm that determines the correlation of our social data to the coin price/volume.
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