Sentiment Rank

This score represents on a scale of 1-5 the average sentiment of all of the humans talking about a coin online in order to represent the general sentiment being spread about a coin. 5 = Very bullish, 4 = Bullish, 3 = Neutral, 2 = Bearish, 1 = Very Bearish. 

The language used in the cryptocurrency market can sometimes differ quite greatly from traditional stock markets. 

For example: "Monero is currently mooning." Is a Bullish statement. You probably will not hear an analyst on CNBC say, "Duke Energy is mooning folks!"

At LunarCRUSH, we utilize machine learning to hand-train content for it's Bullish or Bearishness. This differentiates us from our competitors who utilize sentiment libraries that have not been trained on crypto-specific language.

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