LunarCRUSH collects data from various sources including Twitter, Reddit, Nomics, YouTube, Medium, and various news providers. Within each social network, every URL posted is also collected with references. As all of this data is collected, we attempt to filter out the spam and automated content and make a considerable effort to show content representing real influence on the individual coin community or the overall market.

Here are the criteria for how content shows up in feeds and is considered "Influential Content":

Shared Links / News / YouTube / Medium: Needs to be shared on social at least 11 times for Bitcoin and at least 2 times for every other coin. It also requires the coins symbol or name to be mentioned in the content of the page.

Tweets: Needs to have at least 51 likes for Bitcoin and 6 likes for every other coin.

Reddit: Requires at least 101 karma for Bitcoin and 11 karma for all other coins.

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